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A Look at One of Dan’s Famous Cases

Thirteen years ago, Dan Caplis represented a woman who endured the worst thing a mother could go through.  Krista Staats of Westminster, CO noticed that her five-month-old son Christopher Vasquez was having trouble breathing. When she called 911, though, from her home in Westminster, CO, the dispatcher who answered her call was actually in Douglas County. If you are from the Denver Metropolitan Area, you know that is more than 50 miles away.


As Christopher’s condition worsened, Krista ran into more trouble when the dispatcher transferred her call to a different dispatch area that wasn’t hers either. By the time Christopher finally made it to the hospital, he was dead. So how did this tragedy occur in the first place? According to the case, it was due to a clerical issue by Krista’s telephone company.


Unfortunately, Comcast had the wrong address for Krista’s number. So this meant that the information was incorrect in the 911 database as well. If this was a one-time event, it would have been horrible. But Comcast has had problems with this in the past, and Krista, herself, said that Comcast was supposed to fix that. She sued her phone service provider, Comcast, the 911 database provider Intrado, and AT&T.


At the time of the lawsuit, Dan Caplis Law found that Comcast’s actions were reckless. Comcast issued a statement that said it “aggressively” tries to solve all 911 system problems. However, there were hundreds of incorrect addresses reported in the past several years in Denver alone. Dan Caplis also noted that Comcast had her address correctly in the billing system, so the error should have never happened.


Dan Caplis Law then did everything possible to ensure Krista’s voice was heard. She wanted to make sure that no other parent had to go through the same thing as she had. If you are looking for an attorney who will fight for you, Dan Caplis is the attorney to call. He has helped everyday people earn compensation and justice in personal injury cases, car accidents, medical malpractice suits, and more.


The case resulted in systematic changes and helped address a national issue. Dan Caplis has represented people like Krista, and he continues to represent serious cases, while helping the courageous. Contact his law offices today if you believe that you have a case.

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