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A Look at One of Dan’s Famous Cases

Thirteen years ago, Dan Caplis represented a woman who endured the worst thing a mother could go through.  Krista Staats of Westminster, CO noticed that her five-month-old son Christopher Vasquez was having trouble breathing. When she called 911, though, from her home in Westminster, CO, the dispatcher who answered her call was actually in Douglas […]

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Why Dan Caplis Keeps a Defibrillator in His Car

There’s no question that sudden cardiac arrest can be downright scary. More than 300,000 people die each year from sudden cardiac arrest, and often there are no warning signs. Sudden cardiac arrest is not the same as a heart attack, as heart attacks are typically caused by an arterial blockage. The leading cause of sudden […]

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Daniel J. Caplis Explains the Main Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Nobody expects to walk out the door and become the victim of a pedestrian accident. Yet, it happens every day. According to statistics, a pedestrian is killed every two hours in the United States. In addition to that, a pedestrian gets injured every eight minutes.   What Are the Main Causes of Pedestrian Accidents?   […]